If you are currently trying to find cat friendly rental accommodation please go to the following website and download the available software to make your search easier.


To make it more likely that you will find what you’re after please follow a few simple rules:

  • Make sure that you tell your agent that getting cat friendly accommodation is of vital importance to you.
  • Make sure that you supply references from past landlords, neighbours and your vet showing that you are a responsible pet owner.
  • Offer to sign a pet agreement that details the responsibilities of all parties.
  • Show that you use a cat enclosure to ensure that your cat does not wander and cause problems for neighbours.
  • Show that your cat is vaccinated, microchipped and desexed.

Remember that many landlords may have experienced problems with damage cause by irresponsible pet owners and if you can show that you have been a good tenant in the past you have far more likelihood of success.

The above information is provided courtesy of the Animal Welfare League (Qld).

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