Please complete the following application if you’ve exhausted all other options for your companion.  We cannot guarantee that space will be available at the shelter to give your companion refuge at this time, but at least if we have all the relevant information we may be able to help find someone who can.

The following surrender fees apply to help to cover at least some of the costs involved with finding a new and permanent home for your cat or kitten.

Male cats $85          Female cats $110

Bear in mind that we have to pay for desexing, vaccinating, microchipping, worming and flea treatments, not to mention food, litter and housing for however long it may take.  By completing this application you are agreeing that you are willing and able to pay the above fees upon surrender of your cat or kitten.

The application form consists of four sections. All fields must be completed. If you have preliminary questions you may contact us.

1 Your Details
2 Cat Details
3 Status
4 Circumstances

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