Street Cats Project

Gorgeous young Zena is part of a street cat colony that BVCR has been asked to trap. She is the first arrival and will hopefully be joined by her Mum, Dad and siblings before something untoward happens to any of them. Some will be able to be rehomed after they get used to trusting people, but with some of the older cats it will be a case of desexing them and then releasing them back into the same area if possible, but without the ability to breed. This will decrease nightly cat fights and stop other street cats from moving into the same area and starting the cycle all over again.

Although the funds used for this will be lost to the shelter forever at least the population will be capped and the problems will not escalate in the future. It’s for work such as this that the shelter desperately needs your financial support. Please consider donating towards the ongoing costs of saving these victims of human callousness. You could also consider sponsoring the street cats project by selecting a particular cat, like young Zena above, and contributing towards her ongoing care until she’s adopted. A large number of regular sponsors is needed to help meet the costs of this ongoing project. It will take time and lots of effort but the end result will be well worth it and will save innumerable cats and kittens from a life of fear and abuse.

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February 25, 2016

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