Our rehabilitation program is aimed at teaching cats that humans can be trusted.  We work with street cats, bush colony cats, abuse, hoarding, abandonment and neglect cases.  Rehabilitation doesn’t just concentrate on the temperment of the cat as it relates to humans but also any underlying health issues that could be causing problems.

Many of these cats take many months and a lot of patience to turn around.  BVCR is lucky in that we have a huge country location where it’s peaceful and quiet that gives these cats a chance to unwind.  Most of these cats then go on to be put up for adoption and live long and happy lives as part of a loving, secure family.  Others will trust just one or two people and these tend to stay with BVCR long term and are not placed up for adoption as such.  However, it’s amazing how often, when that right person walks through the gate, one these long termers will suddenly become glued to the person and head off to start a new happy life in a home of their own.

Your donations, sponsorships and continued support make this possible.  Without the dedication of people just like you, these cats wouldn’t stand a chance and the humans who become their families would never have known the joy they bring into their lives.

If you’d like to help in any way you can Donate to the rehabilitation project or Sponsor a particular cat of your choice.



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September 16, 2016

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