Please complete this form if you’d like to join the BVCR foster care network. BVCR will pay all necessary vet costs associated with your foster cat or kitten, and do all the required advertising and paperwork, while you will be responsible for supplying food, litter, toys and love.

Foster cats and kittens are advertised for re-homing on various websites with the foster carers contact details so potential adopters can adopt directly from your home. That way you can be sure that your fostered cat or kitten has gone to a home that meets with your approval.  If at any time you find you’re unable to continue to care for your little charge you can contact us at BVCR and either a new foster carer can be located or the cat or kitten can be returned to the shelter.

The application form consists of six sections. All fields must be completed. If you have preliminary questions you may contact us.

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