On this page you’ll find cats and kittens that are available for adoption and or sponsorship.  Please feel free to browse and take a look at the information provided for each individual.  Any cat adopted from BVCR must have a good chemistry with all the members of its new family.  This not only ensures a bright and happy future for the cat but also for the family.  If the chemistry isn’t right it will never work out the way it should.  We have a 30 day settling in period during which time if for any reason it doesn’t work out your furry friend is to be returned and you’ll receive a full refund.  We encourage new adopters to take their new companion to their vet during the 30 day settling in period just to confirm for themselves that all is well.  If at any time there is an emergency in the family or some other unexpected event and you cannot arrange care for your cat we are more than happy to help.  Also if at any time after you’ve adopted your little companion from BVCR you find that you cannot keep him/her and you cannot ensure that you have found the perfect home they will always be welcome back.  If you see what could be your perfect match among the cats available for adoption please complete and submit an adoption application.  This will give us a little information about your family situation and which cat or cats may best suit your requirements.  Your application will be processed asap and you’ll receive a call or email to arrange a mutually ideal time for you to have a meet and greet.

On each one of the cats listed you’ll see a Sponsor Me link at the end of their post. Sponsorships are a vitally important way to help us in the day to day care of our charges.  Without sponsors like you we couldn’t maintain our extensive rehabilitation work for many of the abused, abandoned or neglected cats that come into our care.  Most of these cats wouldn’t stand a chance without your help. Becoming a sponsor is also an excellent way to know that you’re helping an individual cat if you cannot adopt at the present time. Sponsorships can be set up by you for whatever amount you feel you can afford on either a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. They can be set up as direct credits into the charities bank account or via credit card or PayPal.  No amount is too small.  Every cent helps save a life. Sponsorships are also tax deductible.  Once you’ve set up your sponsorship please email Nat at and she’ll add you to our sponsor list and organise for you to receive a Sponsorship Certificate for your chosen cat.  You can cease sponsorship at any time no questions asked.  We just ask that you email Nat and let her know.  Thank you.


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