Age: 1 - 2 years
Date of birth:
Location: Buccan 4207

Tennille 0450785861

Adoption fee: $100
Breed: Domestic Medium Hair
Gender: Female
Desexed: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Flea Treated: Yes
Child friendly: Yes
Cat friendly: Yes
Dog friendly: No
Medical issues:
Special needs:
General information:

Pretty little Willow has had a bit of an unstable start to her rescue story. She was taken into a local vet as a stray and kept there for few days in the hopes of finding her owner. No-one came forward so BVCR were asked if we had any room for her. As most people would know, rescues are ALWAYS overflowing to the brink but we didn't want to see poor Willow dumped again so of course we said yes. Somehow, the messages were mixed by the vet staff and when we arrived at the vet to bring Willow to our sanctuary, we discovered she'd been sent to the local pound in error. Unfortunately, she had to stay at the pound for the standard 5 days on the off-chance her owner would be found. When this didn't happen, Willow was released into our care but during her brief stay at the pound, she caught a mild case of cat flu.

Willow was then placed in quarantine at our Buccan sanctuary and given medical assistance to get over her cold. She's now healthy and happy, and well healed. Willow is a beautifully natured little girl. Being a stray, we have no idea of her background but she is tolerant of the cats and dogs and even the 2.5 year old human toddler running around. She has a very pretty blue tortie medium length coat that she keeps beautifully tidy. We estimate her to only be a year or two old and has had all her vet work completed.

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Status: Shelter
Available For: Adoption, Sponsorship

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