Age: 5 Years
Date of birth: 20/02/2011
Location: Atkinsons Dam Qld 4311

If you'd like more information about Kenny please email Louise at or text on 0427 932 230

Adoption fee: na
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Gender: Male
Desexed: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Flea Treated: Yes
Child friendly: No
Cat friendly: Yes
Dog friendly: Yes
Medical issues:


Special needs:


General information:

Rescuing Kenny was a joint effort between a number of dedicated women. He, Lilly (then Luna) and Persia came from a hoarding situation. The last thing BVCR needed at that stage was more cats requiring rehabilitation. There was a lot of controversy surrounding Lilly at the time for various reasons and I had already agreed to take her on. But when I saw the photo of the young 2 year old Kenny in his cage it broke my heart and I immediately said yes we'd take him. The look in his eyes and the loose skin on his body where there should have been muscle was devastating. In his entire life he'd never been out of the small cage and when he arrived at the shelter and raced out of the cat carrier in terror and crouched in the corner in absolute terror neither one of us could possibly have known what the future held. It took what seemed an eternity to gain his trust and a fortune in demolished cat towers etc. This was a cat who like many others when they arrive had never felt rain or rolled in the grass. A cat who'd never felt the joy of simply walking or running or climbing or jumping. He'd never sat on a rug or a couch and just enjoyed a human touch. He'd been born in a cage and there he'd remained. There was so very much for him to learn. When I booked him in for his vet work to be done I stayed with him until the meds took hold and was there again when the meds wore off after surgery. I couldn't afford to have him put into a cage in a strange place surrounded by people he didn't know and walk out on him. It would have sent his progress back months and put him back into panic mode. The vets were wonderful and understood my concerns. With his vet work out of the way it was time to allow him to explore further in his surroundings. Over the next few months it was so funny watching his reaction to so many different things the other cats took for granted. But he didn't back down and he didn't get pushy he just took it all in. It was during this time that I noticed something else occurring. My senior male cat Lexie, undisputed leader around the shelter was spending an increasing amount of time with Kenny. This was unusual as Kenny was only a young male and as leader Lexie normally hung out with some of the older toms. It took a while but after Lexie was diagnosed with cancer it became clear that he had gone against the trend and actually selected young Kenny of all cats as his successor. Once Lexie passed Kenny withdrew and for a while I thought the old boy had made the one and only mistake in his life. Had Kenny immediately stepped up the other toms would have accepted him as leader because that was what Lexie had made clear was to happen. As it was, the shelter erupted into chaos with the various males competing for leadership. There were no serious spats just a lot of grumpy hissing and spitting and general disruption. Late one night when I was doing the washing up and there was yet another hissy fit going on in the kitchen behind me I heard an ear piercing scream that caused my blood to run cold. Total silence. I turned around and there was Kenny on the table glaring at the combatants. He'd finally had enough. All the cats looked up at him and from that point there's been calm at the shelter. Who would have believed when he first arrived that only a couple of years later that terrified ginger ball in the corner would be king. Like Lexie was in the past Kenny is now irreplaceable. He is so good at helping to calm down new arrivals from sad situations because of his own background. If you'd be interested in sponsoring the King to help with his day to day costs while he keeps this lot in order please go to the sponsor me link at the bottom of this page and then send an email to Nat at and she'll be happy to organise a Sponsorship Certificate etc for you. Thank you.

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Status: LTC
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