Age: 8 Years
Date of birth: 30/07/2008
Location: Atkinsons Dam Qld 4311

If you’d like more information on Cara please contact Louise via email at

Adoption fee: na
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Gender: Female
Desexed: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Flea Treated: Yes
Child friendly: No
Cat friendly: Yes
Dog friendly: Yes
Medical issues:


Special needs:


General information:

Cara came from a street colony when she was only a kitten. She and her brother were very difficult to rehabilitate as babies but finally got the hang of this domestication business. People in the area had known that this particular colony had been around in the bust for a number of generations but until Timmy and Cara were successfully rehabilitated none of the colony cats had survived past about 3 years of age. Cara like many street and bush cats who had a bad start in life is not trusting of strangers. She is however very loving with Louise and the volunteers at the shelter. Cara missed out on being available for adoption because she was needed when her brother Timmy returned to the shelter after what can only be described as an extremely traumatising event. You'll see what happened on Timmy's own post. As the two are and always have been very close it was decided that Cara would need to remain at the shelter at least until her brother was settled again. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it the bond between the two strengthened and with Timmy unable to be adopted then Cara will also remain at the shelter to live out her remaining days with her brother. We know that many shelters would separate the two and find Cara a home and probably put Timmy to sleep rather than have to maintain two cats for the rest of their lives. But BVCR is not most shelters. Timmy is a totally laid back dude these days at the shelter and Cara worships the ground he walks on. They have their freedom to come and go in a huge cat fenced exercise paddock with lots of places to run and play. According to them they are already home. The reason Timmy cannot be rehomed is that he's terrified of children and goes into total meltdown if he even hears them. Think about it for a second. Even if he went to an adult only household, do they have relatives with children, friends with children, do children ride their bikes up and down their footpath? It's almost impossible to find somewhere where there won't be children at some point. The reason for this will be explained in his own post. If you'd like to help with Caras ongoing care costs and sponsor her, please complete the sponsorship form at the end of this post and then please email and she will organise a sponsorship certificate etc for you.
If you'd like to be Caras sponsor you can set up a regular direct credit from your bank account for either weekly, fortnightly or monthly for whatever amount you can afford into the charity bank account which is:
BSB 014 506
Acc No: 390416246
Acc Name: Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue Inc
Ref: Name of your sponsored cat

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Sponsored by: Jessica Martin
Status: LTC
Available For: Sponsorship

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