As a no-kill, not-for-profit organisation, BVCR Inc are solely reliant on the kind-hearted souls that support us via donations.  We survive by donations of time, skills, sponsorship, fostering, working bees, fundraising, food drives, etc.

Do your cats no longer use their items?  We can always use extra supplies and our wish list includes: Water and food bowls, toys, brushes, grooming tools, pet beds, blankets, disposable plates, flea / worm treatments, etc.  Pet supplies aren’t the only things we use. Some other things that come in handy include: Cleaning supplies, paper towel and toilet paper rolls, old towels, hand sanitiser, office supplies, etc.

Getting married or throwing a big party? I bet you don’t need second toaster or the glass vase that’ll just sit in a cabinet collecting dust. Consider setting up a registry page so guests can donate to the shelter rather than purchasing a customary wedding gift. It’s a rewarding experience for you, your guests, the cats and kittens and it’s a great way to remember the meaning of your wedding!

We go through a lot of cat food and litter every day. You can buy pet food in bulk at wholesale stores and donate: wet and dry cat food, clumping cat litter, non-clay cat litter (for kittens and post-op cats), cat treats, etc.

If you would like to assist us in continuing to help the voiceless, lost, neglected, abused or unwanted, please consider setting up a regular direct credit for either weekly, fortnightly or monthly for whatever amount you can afford into the charity bank account which is:
BSB 014 506
Acc No: 390416246
Acc Name: Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue Inc
Ref: Name of your sponsored cat

Or alternatively, set up a transfer through Paypal.

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Did you know that under Queensland Law, you cannot leave money or property to your cat, however much you love it, because cats are not capable of inheriting money or property under our law.  Many people worry about what will happen to their pets after they die. This can be very stressful for cat owners to worry about what will happen to them after you pass on.

So what can you do for your beloved feline friend?

Great news!  Your cat can be left in the care of the our ‘Pet Legacy Program’ which requires that you leave a bequest to our charity for his or her maintenance – this enables your cat to be cared for by BVCR until a new home is found for them, or to live out their days in peace and happiness at our two wonderful sanctuary.

The wording of a bequest clause is very important.  If not, the bequest may not be able to be carried out.  Therefore we strongly recommend you consult your solicitor or legal adviser.  If you would like to leave a bequest to Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue Inc in your will, we recommend you consider using the following suggested wording:

I give and bequeath to Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue Inc. for the use and purpose of Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue Inc. the sum of $…. dollars, free of all death duties, and the receipt of the Treasurer or Executive Director or other proper officer of Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue Inc. shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my executors for this legacy.

Once you have made a bequest to Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue Inc., please let us know, so we are aware of your support.  Alternatively, if you’d like further information on leaving a bequest, you can email us at


Planned giving is a gesture that comes from the heart.  Above all else, we encourage you to discuss your options that best suit you and your estate with your legal advisor.

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